API Conference | September 24 – 26, 2018 in Berlin

API Business & Strategy

“Platform-based business models will outperform traditional pipe-based business models. APIs are essential enablers.”

– Carsten Sensler, ArtOfArc

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Web APIs play a key role in the business strategy of digitally focused com-panies. If your API is a product, then you‘ll learn how to make sure that you increase the number of users, convert them to customers. If your API is for internal teams, you‘ll get an insight in the learnings successful API driven organizations. Learn also, what technical implications you need to care for if your business is a platform business, matching different par-ties successfully.

Track Program

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API Management

Ein detaillierter Blick auf die Entwicklung von APIs

API Development

Architektur von APIs und API-Systemen

API Design & Documentation

Von Policys und Identitys bis Monitoring


Microservices Strukturen & Frameworks