API 365 Workshop: Building APIs and managing them with serverless, containers, API gateways and Azure

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Monday, April 20 2020
09:00 - 17:00
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API Design Workshop

The main focus of this workshop is to have a look into the API ecosystem to approach the problem with good insights and to organize things to be reliable, available and to reduce the overall governance effort.

In the last decade we built a lot of APIs for several different purposes. Having the big picture is often something comes after a while, and we need to consolidate them to better organize things and implement a proper governance. Also, we have a bunch of options today when implementing an API Gateway for our APIs. The starting point is actually DOING THAT immediately, regardless the underlying technology. Let’s take a look into the self-hosted, open-source “Ocelot” API Gateway, written in ASP.NET Core, in conjunction with the hosting facility of Azure and App Service for Containers.

  • Basics of Microservices approach
  • Basics of API Design
  • Implementing of a couple of APIs form scratch
  • Data design and development with Database Projects
  • Serverless deployment options
  • The need of an API Gateway
  • Introducing AWS API Gateway
  • Introducing Azure API Gateway
  • Develop your own gateway with Ocelot
  • Containerized deployment options

The ideal audience is every experienced developer (even without specific API skills) who has also a basic DevOps profile, in order to understand the end-to-end scenario while implementing and governing an API solution.


  • A PC or Mac with Visual Studio installed
  • An active Azure subscription
  • (optional) an active AWS subscription
  • .NET will be used in the workshop, at a level that can be also learned in place
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