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Watch Session: Let’s Build a Supergraph Using ChatGPT

In this talk, we will explore the process of building a Supergraph, a GraphQL schema that merges multiple sub-schemas, with the assistance of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot engine. We will discuss how leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT can expedite the creation of prototypes.

Unlocking Business Benefits with APIs

Renowned API expert Liad Bokovsky discusses the transformative power and benefits of APIs in the business landscape, highlighting their ability to enable faster innovation, strengthen partnerships, and enhance customer experiences. He also provides practical guidance on bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions for successful API programs.

The Dangers of API Design

APIs are an interesting topic, especially from a security perspective. Consider what an API is designed to enable. An application can communicate and exchange data with another application, including over the public Internet. By its very nature, an API must be publicly accessible. This makes APIs especially vulnerable to attack.

API Design with Patterns: Patterned Design

Designing APIs is a critical activity in many software projects. Its success depends upon requirements and the experience of the API designers. Pattern collections document collective experiences, making it possible to arrive at suitable designs quickly and with less risk. Join us on a short journey through microservices API patterns that look at protocol-independent problems in API design and propose proven solutions in a compact manner.

Quo Vadis, API Management? Developments in API Management

Over the last 20 years, API management has developed dynamically. You could go back even further in the history of “computing” and end up in the late 1960s, where the term “application program interface” first appeared in literature. But let's limit ourselves to the more recent past, where the discussion is still interesting and enlightening.

REST APIs: Stop Polling, Let’s Go Streaming

REST APIs have become the dominant means for distributed applications to communicate over the last ten or fifteen years, whether that is client-server such as mobile applications, web clients, or server-server between monoliths and microservices. However, the way REST works and increasing demands on how the REST paradigm works has seen the idea and frameworks around REST-based web services evolve, including the adoption of the idea of streaming. Streamsing represents the data source's ability to continuously send to the client data, just as we do with video and audio media, rather than request-reply. We will look at why we should consider it as part of our kit bag of technical options, how streaming works, the considerations needed in adopting the approach, and the frameworks that have supported and helped its adoption.

A Successful API-first Strategy? Do This

What do four horsemen, three golden rules, an iceberg, and a cloud have to do with a successful API-first integration strategy? This is not the start of a bad joke. These are the ins and outs of successful API-first approaches.

tsoa: API documentation for Node.js

JavaScript is known as the Wild West of web development. But despite the absence of law and order, there are a few things that even the wildest developers should stick to. These include consistent structure, documentation, and testing. We will take a look at how that works for API documentation with tsoa for Node.js.

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