Watch Session: Beyond RESTful: Modern API Standards That Challenge REST's Monopoly

See the session from the API Conference London Edition

Jun 10, 2024

Markus Ziller's session from the last version of the API Conference was one of the most beloved ones. In this blog you can see the whole session for free.

Unleash the Future of API Communication: Beyond REST

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, innovation waits for no one. It’s this drive for progress that fuels the constant quest for better, faster, and more efficient ways to communicate with our applications. Enter Markus Ziller’s groundbreaking session, a beacon illuminating the path towards the future of API communication.

Titled “Beyond RESTful: Modern API Standards That Challenge REST’s Monopoly,” Ziller’s presentation is not just a glimpse into tomorrow; it’s a full-fledged expedition into the uncharted territories of API architecture. Now, we’re at the precipice of a new era, one where GraphQL, Falcor, gRPC, MQTT, and WebSockets stand ready to redefine the rules of engagement.

What makes Ziller’s session truly compelling is its comprehensive exploration of these cutting-edge alternatives. By comparing these technologies with the traditional REST framework, Ziller provides invaluable insights into how they address REST’s limitations and pave the way for a more flexible, efficient, and real-time API landscape.

But this isn’t just another tech talk; it’s a call to action. Armed with the knowledge gleaned from Ziller’s session, developers, architects, and tech enthusiasts alike are empowered to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Ready to embark on this journey into the future of API communication? Join us as we watch Markus Ziller’s session, available for free on our website. Don’t just adapt to change – embrace it, and together, let’s redefine the way we connect with our digital world.

Watch the full session featuring Markus Ziller below:

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