Watch Session: Navigating the API Jungle: The Case for Structured Governance Frameworks

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May 6, 2024

In today's digital realm, APIs are the cornerstone of innovation and collaboration, fueling the engine of Digital Transformation. However, with their rapid proliferation comes the urgent need for governance and control.

David Roldán Martínez’s session at the latest API Conference in London, “Navigating the API Jungle: The Case for Structured Governance Frameworks,” addresses this pressing need. Martínez emphasizes the critical importance of structured frameworks in API governance, advocating for a strategic approach to tackle the complexities of the API ecosystem.

Attendees are guided through the intricacies and risks of managing APIs without a well-defined governance strategy. Martínez presents a clear proposal for implementing a structured framework, highlighting its role in aligning organizational objectives with API initiatives and mitigating challenges.

By the session’s end, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of how a structured governance framework can serve as a guiding compass in the API-driven world.

For those seeking clarity on the pivotal role of API governance and actionable strategies for implementation, “Navigating the API Jungle: The Case for Structured Governance Frameworks” offers invaluable insights and perspectives.

Watch the full session featuring David Roldán Martínez below:

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