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JSON:API Workshop

API design can be challenging: There are countless styles to encode the data – which to follow? Clients want to fetch all data they need in a single request – how to support it? Concurrent write requests cause conflicts – how to mitigate? Luckily, you do not have to solve all problems on your own. Instead, you could build on top of well-established tools and standards like GraphQL or the JSON:API specification. JSON:API is a standard for building REST APIs. It supports advanced features like polymorphic relationships, HATEOAS and partial updates. It has many relationships without overcomplicating simple use cases. By providing solutions for common problems it enables teams to focus on the product they are building. In this workshop, you will gather a deep understanding of common REST API design problems and learn how the JSON:API specification solves them. You will notice that core benefits of GraphQL could be achieved within the REST architecture. By solving practical challenges, you will get hands-on experience with it. The workshop will not only give you a tool at hand to speed up the development of your next API, but it will also boost your knowledge about API design in general.

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