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JSON:API is a popular standard for creating hypermedia-based RESTful APIs. Spring HATEOAS offers an abstract representation model for hypermedia that directly supports various concrete hypermedia formats such as HAL, HAL-Forms, Uber, Collection + JSON (and others). Kai has started an open-source project for the integration of JSON: API with Spring HATEOAS, which he reports on in detail in this session. After an introduction to the JSON: API specification, Kai will use specific code examples to show how the generic Spring HATEOAS classes can be used to generate representation models that can be serialized in any supported hypermedia formats (including JSON:API, of course). In addition, Kai will show in detail how JSON:API specific features such as relationships and "included" resources can be generated.

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This Session Diese Session belongs to the gehört zum Programm von BerlinBerlin program. Take me to the current program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von The Hague Den Haag or oder Berlin Berlin .

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