Automating Open Source License Compliance

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X-Road® is open-source software and ecosystem solution that provides unified and secure data exchange between organisations. X-Road is a digital public good verified by the Digital Public Goods Alliance, and it’s released under the MIT open source. X-Road utilises many third party open source libraries and components that are licensed under various open source licenses. The dependencies are managed using different package management systems depending on their implementation technologies, e.g., Gradle/Java, or NPM/Javascript. Overall, the number of direct dependencies is counted in tens and the number of transitive dependencies is counted in hundreds. The main challenge regarding the open source license compliance is how to meet the requirements of the licenses of different 3rd party components. The open source compliance has been automated by taking into use Open Source Review Toolkit (ORT) and integrating it into the development process and CI/CD pipelines. In my talk, I’m going to give an overview of X-Road first. Then, I’m going to discuss open source compliance automation and how it can be implemented. The main scope of the presentation is to discuss the benefits of open source compliance automation and what should be taken into consideration in the process.

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