Deploy long-running workloads on Azure: options

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In this workshop we want to give a complete overview of the current options to run long-running processes inside Microsoft Azure. As Azure is one of the most complete PaaS provider in the world, we have different ways to do the same thing and it is of primary importance to have concrete ideas of which are the pros and cons of each alternative before getting started into the real usage of the platform.

This is a journey around execution & deployment. We have a bunch of options to run code (in this workshop we will use C# samples, but the concepts stand for any supported framework) but each one comes with some unique feature. The real advantage of any Cloud Platform is the possibility to compose the only services we need. If we mix that with the power of Platform-as-a-Service, we immediately gain a boost in efficiency, with a consistent governance reduction.
In this workshop we are going to analyze some technologies to run long-running processes: from the partially-managed service to the full managed one, from the less scalable to the most scalable and from the most time consuming to the frictionless one.
We are going to pass through those services:
  • Azure Batch
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Container Instances
And, if time permits, also on other cool topics which are emerging.

The ideal audience is the solutions architect, even without the specific Azure or C# skills. Of course, a previous experience on Azure and C# can increase the overall learning experience of this workshop, but the cut is designed to be inclusive for those who are not aware of that. To execute the samples during the workshop, those are required:
  • Visual Studio Community or Visual Studio Code installed (demos will be on Visual Studio Enterprise)
An active Azure subscription

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