Documentation-driven development for web APIs

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Tuesday, April 13 2021
10:00 - 10:45

API integrations can be a pain. Anyone who has worked on API integrations has probably observed that, as a general rule, no API server survives first contact with the client. Reasons vary, from badly written API documentation to complete lack of API documentation. In this presentation, I want to address this problem by showing how developers can minimise the risk of API integration failures by using an approach called documentation-driven development. In documentation-driven development, we write the API specification first using a standard specification format. I’ll show how we can leverage documentation to test and validate our API implementations before we release them. I’ll show how we can use tools from the current ecosystem, such as Dredd, to automatically generate tests that validate our APIs. The approach described in this presentation won’t eliminate completely the risk of API integration failures, but it’ll surely lead to a more robust software delivery process for our APIs.

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