API Conference 2019
The Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management
October 14 - 16, 2019 in Berlin

GraphQL – forget (the) REST?

Till June 6
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Tuesday, September 25 2018
09:45 - 10:45

Are you using RESTful web services to provide data for your apps? "Sure, what else?" Well, then you should take a closer look at GraphQL. GraphQL is a query language for your API and is used by Facebook, GitHub and others as an alternative to RESTful web services. 

In this session you will find out what GraphQL is and how it can improve your daily work. Furthermore, you will see how GraphQL works on the client and on the server side. 

You love REST? You “hate” REST? You are somewhere in-between or you think “REST, what else?”. Take a look over the rim of the tea cup and maybe fall in love with GraphQL.

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