API Conference 2020
The Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management
August 17 - 19, 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands

Testing and Hacking APIs

Tuesday, August 18 2020
17:30 - 18:15

Most of the modern applications that have been developed in the last years deeply rely on APIs, including web, mobile and IOT apps. APIs are different than traditional web servers in many ways. This change might be confusing and challenging for pentesters and security researches. 
Come to learn how to leverage the new battleground to your advantage and:

1. Understand the underlying implementation of the application from the API traffic
2. Detect potential vulnerable points in APIs
3. Perform a successful and effective pen test in modern applications

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Behind the Tracks

API Management

A detailed look at the development of APIs

API Development

Architecture of APIs and API systems

API Design

From policies and identities to monitoring

API Platforms & Software as a Service

Web APIs for a larger audience & API platforms related to SaaS