API Platform: a full-stack framework to build and consume hypermedia and GraphQL APIs in minutes

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API Platform ( api-platform.com ) is a framework for building API-driven projects that is becoming quite popular. The server component enables users to create modern, extensible and secure web APIs very easily: design the public data model you want to expose as a set of classes, and that’s all – you get a fully-featured API! Out of the box, the API will support most hypermedia formats (JSON-LD, Hydra, JSON:API, HAL…), will be documented using OpenAPI (v2 and v3) and can expose a GraphQL endpoint. It also comes with a bunch of built-in filters, pagination, authentication, authorization, HTTP/2 Server Push of the relations, nested documents, deprecation and much more! It is able to use all popular DBMS, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, or your custom system as a persistence layer.And because API Platform is built on top of the popular and battle-tested Symfony web framework, you can extend and override everything and benefit from thousands of high-quality plugins! But there’s more: API Platform also provides awesome client-side components (written in JavaScript) that work with the server component, or with any API supporting JSON-LD+Hydra! These components include a smart "admin" builder (built on top of React Admin) and client generators supporting React, Vue, React Native, Next, Quasar and Vuetify! Last but not least, API Platform comes with the Docker images and Kubernetes chart you’ll need to deploy in production, in seconds.

This Session Diese Session Take me to the current program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von The Hague Den Haag or oder Berlin Berlin .

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