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Tuesday, April 5 2022
11:30 - 12:15

Most modern platforms these days allow you to manage assets and to pull reports from both a dashboard and a public API. APIs provide users with the opportunity to automate business rules and create much more sophisticated business logic than they can do with dashboards.

Public APIs make it easy for users to get the most out of a platform. That’s exactly what we saw on our platform too.

Then we thought, imagine if users could create complex business logic without writing code, without hiring developers, and without managing servers, and still get all the benefits our public API has to offer. Wouldn’t that be cool?

In the talk, I will cover the story behind the product and architecture we built to tackle this challenging problem, as well as the pivots we made along the way.

I will describe how we leveraged GraphQL and Kafka to build a Lambda-like NodeJS architecture, as well as a unique UI experience based on Google Blockly.

This Session belongs to the Diese Session gehört zum Programm vom  The HagueDen Haag program. Take me to the program of . Hier geht es zum Programm von Berlin Berlin .

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This Session Diese Session belongs to the gehört zum Programm von The HagueDen Haag program. Take me to the current program of . Hier geht es zum aktuellen Programm von Berlin Berlin or oder The Hague Den Haag .

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