API Whitepaper 2020

The API revolution continues!

API Whitepaper Selection

APIs change the world! Expand your knowledge with the help of our API Whitepaper Selection. Stay on top of the latest trends in API Development, Management, Design and Platforms & Software as a Service. Learn from the top experts and enjoy 25+ pages full of selected expertise.

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Whitepaper Content

The demand for realtime APIs
Grundlagen des API-Designs mit Java
by Kieran Kilbride-Singh

What APIs Can and Cannot Do
How to avoid common API misconceptions and the resulting disillusionment
by Erik Wilde

Go for gRPC?
Develop gRPC services with Go
by Rainer Stropek

X-Road – The Free and Open Source Data Exchange Layer
A centrally managed distributed Data Exchange Layer between information systems
by Petteri Kivimäki

Shopware 6 and the new API-First Approach
Putting the API on the Acid Test
by Thomas Eiling