API Conference 2020
The Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management
April 20 - 22, 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands

Marco Otte-Witte

Until December 19
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Marco Otte-Witte

simplabs GmbH

Marco is the founder of simplabs, a consultancy based in Munich, Germany specializing in Ember.js and Elixir/Phoenix. He has been working in Web Engineering since the late 90s and used many different languages and frameworks in project of all scale for enterprise clients and startups. Marco is passionate about conventions-based tools that liberate through imposing constraints.

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    Behind the Tracks

    API Management

    A detailed look at the development of APIs

    API Development

    Architecture of APIs and API systems

    API Design & Documentation

    From policies and identities to monitoring

    API Platforms & Software as a Service

    Web APIs for a larger audience & API platforms related to SaaS