API Conference | April 11 – 13, 2018 in London

API Management

“Platform-based business models will outperform traditional pipe-based business models. APIs are essential enablers.”

– Carsten Sensler, ArtOfArc

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Track Speakers

Thilo Frotscher

Carsten Sandtner

Carsten Sandtner

mediaman GmbH
Roman Schacherl

Roman Schacherl

softaware gmbh

Dirk Fröhner

Amazon Web Services Germany GmbH

Dennis Kieselhorst

IRIAN Deutschland GmbH

Track API Management

The track “API Management” deals with the topics all around and after development – from policy and identity management to monitoring. The successful use of an API also requires detailed and meaningful documentation, for example according to the OpenAPI specification.

Track Program

AWS Serverless Application Model

Dirk Fröhner, Amazon Web Services Germany GmbH

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Behind the Tracks

Web API Development

Ein detaillierter Blick auf die Entwicklung von APIs

API Design & Microservices

Architektur von APIs und API-Systemen

API Management

Von Policys und Identitys bis Monitoring