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APIs have Properties – how to find and test them!

Most approaches to testing test individual examples. This is often not enough to tease out rare but realistic edge cases. As a result, it takes a large number of individual tests to really be confident that our API is ready for deployment: This is a lot of work. What if we could generate test cases automatically?

Session video: Regulations as a Service – rethinking APIs

In this API Conference 2019 session recording by Khallai Taylor, you will explore how a German fintech is changing the dynamics and disrupting the financial sector with a SaaS platform by rethinking how APIs can offer regulations as a service, focusing on PSD2 as a service and GDPR as a service.

Regulation as a Service | Rethinking APIs

The development of digital fintech, rapid technological progress and the constant flow of money across borders have made it essential for companies to offer their products and services internationally while complying with the strict data protection laws of the EU. In this article Khallai Taylor will explore the evolution of Regulation-as-a-Service using PSD2 as the example that can be applied to any financial regulatory directive that requires specialized licensing and/or oversight handed down by the regions financial regulatory body.

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