Simplifying Cloud-Native Engineering and Accelerating Digital Innovation with a Digital PaaS

keynote video

Apr 22, 2022

API Conference 2022 in The Hague has been a blast with a lot of amazing speakers! One of them was Eric Newcomer (WSO2), who has more than 35 years of industry experience. We've recorded his keynote talk to offer you a few glimpses of the Conference.

Great digital experiences rely on intuitive UIs and cloud-native APIs. Customers expect streamlined, simple experiences that are always on and responsive regardless of the load – all of which is provided by cloud-native technologies and best practices. But you need an “opinionated” Digital Platform as a Service (DPaaS) to innovate fast and shrink the time it takes to deliver new digital applications.
Learn more about what an opinionated DPaaS should be – from diagrammatic “flow-code” and pro-code support for productivity to automated multi-stage CI/CD cloud deployment, security, and lifecycle management – and how it not only helps you build and deploy trusted digital applications faster but also get the customer feedback essential for continuous innovation.



APIs have become one of the cornerstones of digital transformations. As more and more businesses open up their APIs for public consumption, the concept of developer experience becomes crucial for the successful rollout of the APIs. Good developer experience with APIs depends on good principles of API governance, API management, and API design. In this presentation, we explain how the principles of domain-driven design help us to design APIs that are easier to understand and consume. APIs are not just an HTTP interface to a database, and we’ll see how to use DDD to define the domain of an API and model its resources. We’ll use strategic design to narrow down the scope of an API, and to avoid mixing properties from different domains. We’ll also discuss various heuristics that we can use to translate domain models and actions into the more restricted representational capabilities of REST APIs and CRUD operations. The result of this exercise will be a well-structured API with consistent paths and resources that developers will love to use and build integrations with.

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