ApiCon 2019 Archive

API Conference
The Conference for Web APIs, API Design & Management

Workshop: API-Design von Grund auf richtig

Workshop: Beyond REST – building APIs with WebSockets/SignalR, OData and gRPC

What APIs Can and Cannot Do

The Serverless First Mindset

Web-APIs mit Swagger und OpenAPI

A blueprint for implementing APIs and microservices using the open source WSO2 Hybrid Integration Platform

Why you should use OpenAPI for your API design

Event-Driven APIs: Building Real-Time Interfaces

Effective API Lifecycle Management - Delivering on Your Promise

Regulations as a Service – rethinking APIs

High Performance APIs through Caching

API Gateways & IdP, a Match Made in Microservices Heaven

Exploring Go for Microservices

Istio and GraphQL to complete (the) REST

REST beyond the Obvious - API Design for ever-evolving Systems

Continuous Architecting: Architecture for loosely coupled API-centric Systems

Das API ist nur der Anfang: Wie erschafft man eine großartige Developer Experience?

Der Weg von API First zur Cloud Initiative

GraphQL – forget (the) REST?


Leveraging APIs Is Surprisingly Not About APIs!

Driving more business with an integrated platform and Event driven APIs

RESTful APIs in Aktion: IT neu erfinden, ohne das Tagesgeschäft zu gefährden

A startup like way of integrating Serverless Framework, API Gateway and Message Queue to handle WebHooks for 3rd-party Services

API-Kompatibilität durch Consumer-driven Contracts

Great APIs – eine Rundreise

Playing with Fire: Build a Web Application with Firebase

Exploratory Testing on Computer Interfaces (APIs)

Weiterentwicklung von APIs in der Praxis

Call for a better Error Handling in APIs

APIs have Properties – find and test them!